Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pick up where you left off...

So i have decided to begin a second blog...apart from my Poetry, Observations and Other Musings, and devote this space completely to my life as an actor.  I know...just what we need...another blog by some wanna-be performer documenting the struggle and dream of success. 

But in this case, I've been at it so long that I would rather think of this blog as a continuation rather than something brand new.  I am not a Broadway veteran, I am not a household name and I am not new to the biz; green and just starting out on this path.  I've been a performer, of some kind or other, since I was 9 years old and a professional actor (whatever that means) for over 20 years.  I have thoughts and opinions on A LOT of things, but most of the other stuff I will save for my other blog or letters to my Congressmen.  

Here...I just wanna share the day to day journey from someone who's been there, done that, but didn't quite get to do THAT!  And who knows?  If it helps someone else, or it makes someone else in my shoes (and there are a good many of us "rank and file pros" out there) feel less alone then it's all good.  And if it turns out it's just another pile of ramblings signifying nothing...I'm ok with that too!  ;-)

Hopefully we'll all get at least a laugh or two!  OH...and just for visual fun, this will also highlight the many faces of Patrick!

BTW...that is the lovely and talented Natasha Romeo yankin' my ear!

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