Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Looking ahead...

Since I haven't blogged in a while...thought I would take a quick moment to talk about some great projects that are coming up for me and what my focus has been in the past few weeks.

First, I have been talking to a lot to folks about living in the moment, and while I can certainly see the benefit to doing it more often, to stay there all the time just doesn't work in this business, at least not for me. You MUST be thinking and planning ahead and be "ready" for the moments that come to you that can make a real difference in your career. Once your in them, then by all means enjoy them if they're great or leave them behind if they're not, but I just think it's good to be prepared - maybe it's was my cub scout training or my mother's lists and plans. In any case, I've been trying to strike a balance recently and I feel it's paying off.

I had another call-back last week and even tho I didn't get the gig, I felt great about my work (after a couple of auditions where I really felt disconnected). I've also been having seminars with agents and casting directors in the last couple weeks and getting great feedback and feel pretty confident that I will be working with an agent again this Fall!

And speaking of this Fall:

I am very excited to be reprising my role as Manos in OPA! with Queens Theatre in the Park. The show will also reunite me with director Sam Viverito, who directed me in EVITA many moons ago. I am beyond excited to be working with him again. That begins rehearsals on September 10th and plays weekends in October!

My play, THE HOUSE OF NUNZIO, is having a private reading on September 17th in the city directed by Jamibeth Margolis and we are planning an invited reading later in the fall and an Off-Broadway run next year!

In November, for TWO PERFORMANCES ONLY, the incomparable Kellie Johnson and I are doing a cabaret at The Duplex in New York City!

Stay tuned...

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