Monday, August 3, 2009

Stick with it

This little blurb responds to two of my earlier posts which raised questions about how long I would attempt to stay in the business as an actor (this, my third time around) and if I have what it takes.
Answers: Yes...I do have what it takes and YES I need to stay in the game...ya gotta be in it to win's all about "THE CLIMB!"

So it isn't a question of whether you should, or how you will, or can you do is a matter of KNOWING it is who you are and that you are happiest even just in the pursuit of it! Find ways to make it work!
I am a success because I choose to be one! My resume and experience and professionalism all speak for me and the rest will come as I put all of my positive energy into the pursuit.

Recently I found out that the audition I mentioned in yet a third post here...well...let's just say my perception of what happened in the room was, it turns out, not anything like what I thought. In this case, that was a pleasing thing to learn, but ultimately it teaches me a much bigger lesson which you'd think I know, maybe have even preached, but don't always practice:

You have no idea what people are thinking and you shouldn't spend your energy trying to figure it out, or worry what they think or what they say after you leave the room. Since so much is out of your control and you really don't have any idea what they are thinking - why not just think the best. And the way to make that easier? Bring your A-game every time - be prepared, pleasant, pliable and punctual. Leave it all in the room, no matter what happens; how short the time is; what you are asked to do; whether you get a response or not. Leave the room with your head high and know that it will come to you. Maybe not that exact gig, or even a project done by those folks. But all of the work accumulates and is bringing you to someplace amazing. That work itself is success - it is a testament to the journey of creativity that must drive all of us, particularly actors.

Now I may not be able to make it work all the time, or always feel great, or always practice this little message, but darn it...I'm gonna make sure I try a bit harder to enjoy it as it happens and remember that I love being an actor and nothing is gonna matter what!

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