Monday, December 28, 2009

The New Year is almost here!

I realize that I have not been blogging AT ALL for the past several months. Life, as it has a tendency to be sometimes, has been overly complicated, scary, painful, messy, hurtful, stressful... I think you get the idea.
I've decided that I am putting my focus on getting a 9-5 gig to get myself out of my financial mess while at least trying to keep a "toe" in the biz. The last two times I left, I left completely and so coming back was always like starting over. This time, I want to at least keep an eye on things from a distance and continue working to try and get an agent again. That has been a main goal for the past six months anyway and so I will try to keep at that. Truth is, at this juncture, without an agent, I am sorta a hamster in a wheel.

I am happy to say that CAPTAIN STARGOOD is now on IMDB and more episodes are being edited for the new year. I wish Laird and Larry all the luck in the world with the project! I also worked on a short film this fall called TURKEY BOWL which is supposed to be submitted to the festivals - it was a great time filming for two days! And THE HOUSE OF NUNZIO has been submitted to the TRU 2010 Play Series.

I have mixed emotions at this time of year about so many things. 2009 was filled with some great "moments" and some fun projects but ultimately I am looking forward to 2010. Reality sometimes dictates what our actions, must be...even crazy bohemian artists have to pay bills and buy food and take care of the necessities in life. Sometimes that means taking on tasks and jobs and responsibilities we'd rather not have to. But ultimately, that does not mean we are finished, or through or "have left the building."

I'm just gonna be on a different floor for awhile!

Wishing you all a New Year filled with health, success and happiness!
(the photo is from The Killington Shakespeare Retreat 2009 - a real highlight of the year for me on so many levels!)