Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another auld lang syne...

As we are about to usher in another New Year (and by some accounts the very last one) I have decided that I am going to start blogging again. Looking at the last entry of this blog recently I was shocked to see that it has almost been TWO YEARS! How is that possible? Time flying seems to be an understatement for me of late. And when I jumped over to my other blog the last entry is 2009! Frankly I was going to shut them both down and then I noticed there were two comments on my last post here and I was very much humbled by these strangers leaving such thoughtful and supportive words. While I don't know how much knowledge I can impart or who really even reads my ramblings...I am grateful for the freedom to write here for anyone who cares to pay attention. And while I am on the subject of gratitude, I am grateful for all of the opportunities I have had in the past two years to grow as an artist and as a person. From FAMILY DINNER Off-Broadway and the amazing work of Jamibeth Margolis and the wonderful cast who taught me so much about being in the moment; to MAN OF LA MANCHA directed by the brilliant Jen Waldman; to the film A VERY TIGHT PLACE adapted and directed by up-and-coming genius Derek Simon; to all the background work that kept me up to date on my bills (most notably sitting across from Robert De Niro and being featured in a scene on GOSSIP GIRL); to dabbling in photography and painting and maybe most miraculous, falling in love with the most incredible man who is also my muse...well, clearly, there is much to be thankful for!

But looking back, while necessary to access and evaluate, is just that...looking back. I love to think about what I have accomplished, what I have learned and experienced but I am beginning to understand the vital importance of living in the moment...not just as an artist but in all that we do. We only have this moment...this one right now! The last moment is now gone and the one to come is about to be here but why leap ahead and miss this one? Even the bad moments are here to give us knowledge and perspective if we let them. I realize that in this crazy world of immediate communication and immediate satisfaction that we want to have everything mapped out for our future. And indeed, I do believe that there are certain things in life that need planning. But my Auntie Carm always used to tell me "stop and smell the roses." For this year, I really want to try and stop and smell the roses! I've decided to write more, photograph more, paint more and live a creative and truthful life with my husband!

I've renamed this blog "an artist's lifetime" because I am no longer going to limit myself to being an actor or a singer or a playwright. I am all of those things but somehow, the visual art gifts that belonged to my dear Mama Gen and Papa Jack seem to be finding there way through me of late and I am excited to embrace that new form of creativity and expression.

So as we ring in the New Year...2012...I wish all of you reading this an amazing journey of good health, joy, enlightenment and kindness...and I wish you all its forms!

Here's my back in a scene with De Niro! He is one of the few actors that make me feel "awe!"