Wednesday, January 25, 2012

There's just a few more hours...

that's all the time I've got...

Funny, that lyric from MY FAIR LADY seems especially apropos at this moment for two reasons:
1) I am literally a few hours from leaving my home of over a decade and my partnership of almost two decades and...
2) I am hoping to be in a production of MY FAIR LADY this summer if all the stars align for me.

So what is next? What will this new chapter be about? Where is the road leading?

Sometimes I wish I had answers to ALL of those questions. Don't we all? And yet part of the excitement is that because you don't know, ANYTHING is possible! I am making every effort in this new adventure to try and take things as they come; be optimistic and joyful. You know...that whole "living in the moment" thing we hear tell of!

I also feel like in the past week i have faced all of my "stuff" (that being the physical accumulation of things) and thrown out a lot, given some away and processed the rest so it can be sold easily. I am literally shipping to LA what would have fit in my 98 Toyota Corolla were it up for the trip. And I am actually feeling relief that this "stuff" is not a burden anymore...even less of one when I sell what is left. But maybe more important than dealing with the stuff was seeing so many of my friends and comrades; some of whom I had not seen in over a decade. Even tho we may not have spoken frequently or seen each other in quite some time, there are flashes of brilliance from our past that tie us together. The amazing faces of people who I have worked with in the theatre, or admired in different walks of life...people I have known for 20 years and people I have known for a couple. Folks that are my besties and folks that are somewhere in the history book of my life and all of whom, for the same defined reason: friendship, came to see me off with a warm goodbye and best wishes.

I don't think that we can underestimate the value of friendships. They are the sustaining force behind my success for sure...not only in my career but in my day-to-day life! I am not sure what tomorrow brings but I feel confident that it will be exciting and wonderful. And much of that assurance is because of the amazing folks I have in my corner.

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