Monday, February 6, 2012

Food for thought...

It's been almost a week since I've been in Los Angeles and I have to say that the most intriguing thing for me thus far has been my discovery of the 99c store; or more accurately my introduction to LA 99c stores! I've been in plenty of "dollar" stores on the East Coast but nothing could have prepared me for the addiction that these superstores in LA have caused. I am pretty certain that I have gone EVERY day and made purchases each time. How could I not? This is not just some plastic-wrap, knick-knack store. These places have groceries and FRESH PRODUCE! Yesterday I bought the largest bunch of asparagus I have ever seen and it was only 99cents!!!

So with all of this excitement over food at a 99c store comes my reinvestment in cooking at home. Our little place is modest but it has a good little kitchen and in the first week I made fish, chile, burgers, baked chicken, veggie stir fry, banana bread, chocolate chip cookies and lots of salads - at least some of the ingredients in the meals were from the 99c store!

When I have moved in the past (and I have moved a lot in my life) I have always spent a LOT of money eating out or ordering-in those first few weeks of the move. Now in fairness, Shane was here ahead of me and I had sent him some pots and pans and my favorite big wok. But still, just the idea of having to cook when you first move can be tiresome. But these 99c stores made me so excited to be saving money that I couldn't help myself! isn't all taken care of meats and no fresh fish, and you have to be careful with the produce, especially the fruit, but overall it really is pretty amazing.

It makes me think that if these places were everywhere that folks on a fixed income wouldn't need such huge least not with food. And while people seem to point out much more these days that obesity is a huge problem in this country, I have always said that is a direct result of so many large families unable to afford healthy food with the dollar meal at McD's right around the corner. However that theory could be blown apart if the grocery dollar store were EVERYWHERE!

On another juicy note...I have had two film auditions in my first week and the second one for this little indie film went REALLY well! These auditions sure do work up an appetite. Bon appetit!

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