Sunday, February 19, 2012

No man is an island.

Artists are often alone...memorizing lines, taking photos, painting a landscape, sculpting a masterpiece, practicing the trumpet, vocalizing in the shower. While the very creation of art may be a very personal and at times "isolated" experience, or, at its pinnacle, a way to give thanks to our higher power for giving us the gifts, I ultimately believe.that the shared experience of art is the true expression and most powerful gift. "But if that light's under a bushel, brrrr...its lost something kind of.crucial!"

I was involved with an actors group in New York City on-and-off for quite a few years. While we sometimes struggled to find a focus or solid format, one thing was certain...the group consciousness was the important element - the tool for growth and enlightenment and discovery. Even if we can come to knowledge on our own...and of course we do all the time, how glorious to share in the discovery of knowledge in a group. We are after all a collection of spirits making our way day to day as best as we can. I for one am a better human being because of.the collective forces in my life. Alone I am potential...with and through the collective force of "others" I am fulfilled.

It is in the group consciousness that we grow exponentially...alone we only have one perspective...ours. With others the perspectives are endless.

I am grateful for the groups of people in my life: artists, teachers, friends, colleagues, fellows...all of whom give me experience, strength and hope...all of whom help me gain knowledge and grow. "There is a brotherhood of man..."

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