Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Finding the balance...

Recently I saw an "inspiration video" if you will, from Tyler Perry. He talked about how if we scatter too many seeds that we will find ourselves "all over the place" and not have the focus on one thing, to succeed at anything. Kinda like that old cliche, I'm a Jack-of-all-Trades and Master of NONE! And yet, there has been the counter-argument that if we have multiple irons in the fire, our chances of something "catching" can improve exponentially. The more lines you toss into the water, the greater chance of catching a fish!

I'm not sure about you, but I'm having a hard time finding the balance in those two philosophies. Picking the one thing that I think will bring me success (I use that term loosely; more accurately: will bring me work that fulfills my creative needs and desires) is difficult for me and I usually find myself paralyzed with self doubt, self criticism, self sabotage (which normally causes me to just listen to Indigo Girls and eat a lot of chocolate), OR...I go at warp speed in 75 different directions submitting plays, filming, auditioning, trying to create a network, rehearsing, exercising, painting, working on a photography project, cooking...and it goes on!

I think it is time that I try to find a balance...maybe just sit silently for a change, silence the voices in my head and let the universe guide me to the place I am supposed to go. They say when you aren't sure what to do...do nothing. That too is REALLY hard for me. But the warp speed thing...torn in twenty different directions isn't working for me because I find I don't ever FINISH anything. Lots of things in progress but not seen through - the plays, the paintings, the photography projects, the auditions I don't go to or am under-prepared for.

And maybe that is where Tyler has it right. Pick something and give it your all. I just have to let go of the results when I do that...I have to keep the fear and doubt of "choosing the wrong thing" out of the equation or Nestles will be richer than they already are.

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