Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Where do we go from here?

In glancing over the titles of all my past entries in this blog, this is only the third time I have asked a question in the title. That surprises me because I am someone who is CONSTANTLY asking questions - of myself, of a situation, of others (especially teachers, directors, colleagues). I am always asking questions because I am always seeking answers!

For the past week I have been faced with that ugly monster of fear and doubt. Wondering if the move to LA was the right one? Wondering if the projects I have chosen are the "best" for my career and for me as a person? Wondering if the "honeymoon" is over?

I realize that we all have hills and valleys and as I have mentioned in previous posts I am trying to live in gratitude. But sometimes that is more difficult than I would like it to be. And rainy days like today "always get me down."

But for this moment, as the rain pours outside, I will focus on all I have: an amazing loving partner, a wonderful little apartment, a great part in an American Premiere of a play, my cooking show, my health, and of course, my supportive friends and family! Not bad is it? I guess making a list of what we HAVE is a great way to keep perspective.

As for where I go from here? I have no idea...onward and upward!

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