Monday, April 16, 2012

Tech will always be tech...

I am about to open an American Premiere of a play with 31 actors - THE IMAGINARY LIFE OF THE STREET SWEEPER AUGUST G. While it can be argued that a play with 4 actors is much easier to stage, when it's that time in the rehearsal process for tech, it really doesn't matter what the size of the cast or the style of the, is tech, is tech! It is stopping and starting and going back and waiting and waiting and waiting and skipping and being lost and forgetting your lines and getting frustrated and giddy and exhausted. But it is a necessary beast of the craft as the components of sound and light and final stage elements can be the difference between a good show and a great show. I am certainly proud of the work I am doing in this play and honored to be working with so many dedicated and talented artists. I look forward to our dress rehearsals and the run. Tech was tedious and difficult and pretty much the same as the 100s of other techs I have done. Tech will always be tech and it will always mark the 11th hour.

SO... curtain up, light the lights! Break-a-leg!

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