Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's Mother's Day!

My mother was an amazing woman...without her in my life I would never have become an actor/artist.  I would never have been able to believe in myself and follow my dreams.  She was always my biggest fan but she was NOT a stage mother.  Oh...she was ALWAYS there, but in the shadows and silent and had a purse full of useful items for us like band-aids, gum, paperclips and bobby pins for the girls.  She was at every single performance (or close to it) along with my Auntie Carm who was like a second Mom to me (Mom is on the left and Auntie Carm on the right) for all of my High School and College Shows.  Maybe she knew she wouldn't get to see most of my work as a professional and so she wanted to get as much in as possible.  I do not know.  What I do know is that she loved me and supported me unconditionally.  And when I was little, an ad exec approached her about taking me to New York City and making her, as he put it, "A boatload of money on commercials."  She said..."I appreciate it, but I want my son to have a childhood.  If he wants this life he needs to be old enough to make that decision for himself."  I am grateful for that decision.  I DID have a childhood and I DID make the decision on my own.

So today, on this special day when we pay tribute to Mom's...I send so much love and gratitude to my late Mom, Genevieve Riviere Monacelli and my late Aunt, Carmella Monacelli.  Great ladies who I miss every day.

Here is a poem from my book FLOWERS IN AUTUMN for all the Mom's and adopted Mom's and Second Mom's out there!

Somewhere in the backyard are my mother's favorite flower - lily of the valley.  The fragrant bells have bloomed by May, a time for mothers.

The Peonies have yet to bloom.  I planted them because my father had one near the shed at the cottage on the lake.

There are two types of lilac trees.  I like the one because it is so different, and the other one because it is what I expect.

Rose bushes line the wall, their variety of color remind me of an Easter Basket, or a box of crayons, or a rainbow that reflects a kind of forgiveness.

And there are many other flowers:  the hyacinths, the tulips, the crocus, and a bleeding heart, and there are always daffodils - yellow daffodils that I picked a million miles from here, a million years ago.

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